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Birth Doula

As a Birth Doula I'll be offering you an emotional support from the moment you've decided to hire me until few weeks after birth. During this time, apart from face to face contact, I'll also be available on the phone, or via email without limits.

Here, in the UK women can give birth, within the NHS, in hospital, birth centre or at home. With home births, 2 qualified midwives with necessary equipment come to your home. I support woman in any environment, depending on her needs and preferences.

Birth package:

  • 4-5 meetings before birth
  • 24/7 on call between 38-42 weeks of your pregnancy
  • my presence during the labour
  • 1-2 meetings after the birth
  • ensuring on call arrival within 1.5 hours

During the pre-birth contact we'll have a chance to get to know each other, explore birth preferences and create a birth plan depending on your needs and desires. I can and will offer you my knowledge and experience but will also do my best to strengthen your faith in knowing that you have all the power and wisdom that's needed to birth your child in the most beautiful and delicate way.

I offer emotional preparation as well, which, in my opinion can play a crucial role during the labour. I work with both individual and group sessions – my work is based on Elena Tonetti's approach. More info can be found on

Post-natal Doula, mothering the mother

With great pleasure I can also be your post-natal Doula, supporting you in the gentle transition into motherhood. Apart from the emotional support, I can help with baby care, support you in breastfeeding or in taking care of some light chores. I will be more than happy to take your baby for a walk should you want to catch up with sleep or simply have some time for yourself. You can count on my full attention and care, which women quite often need to settle into their mumhood.

Infant Baby Massage

Teaching parents how to massage their babies is a great combination of two passions of my life – babies and massage. Positive touch gives us a chance to express that immense love that we feel towards our child, being a very pleasant and valuable experience for both participants. By massaging your baby you can alleviate symptoms such as colic, colds, wind or painful teething. Skin stimulation with the use of touch helps in the development of the nervous system that is situated right underneath our skin. It also improves the blood supply and the development of the sensory system of the biggest organ – our skin. Loving touch may have a significant impact on your relationship with your baby – particularly for mums, as an insufficient bonding process can lead to post-natal depression.

Baby massage

Baby massage is also renowned for its relaxing and calming effect, visible both in the parent and the baby as a result of the increased production of so-called love hormones – prolactin and oxytocin. All in all, the massage can simply be a quality time that you have with your baby which combines fun with amazing advantages for both of you.

Baby massage group sessions can start from the second month till around baby starts to crawl. Sessions last an hour for about 4-5 weeks. If you're interested in organizing a group (minimum of 5 babies with their parent) at your place, please get in touch. Individual sessions last around 3 weeks and can start even a few days after birth.

Pregnancy massage

Massage helps to relax our body and mind. It releases stress and tension which makes us feel rejuvenated. Our body simply feels better. Our emotional and physical wellbeing is important at all times but becomes of paramount importance during pregnancy. The calming and relaxing impact of massage helps the mum-to-be's body in producing oxytocin – a hormone, often called the hormone of love, which is necessary for the optimal development of baby's body. A peaceful, calm and happy pregnancy may lead to an easier labour, which then may lead to a happier babymoon. Give yourself and your baby a chance to experience the blissful pleasure of being massaged, which not only will be welcomed by your hard working legs and spine but can also give both you and your baby long term advantages.

This particular massage I offer combines dancing like movements of the Polynesian massage with traditional massage for pregnant women. Natural oils and soft music used during the massage aid deeper relaxation.

Ayurvedic treatments after giving birth

Poród, nawet ten piękny, czy stosunkowo łatwy jest sporym wysiłkiem dla organizmu kobiety. Często jest ona osłabiona po przebytej ciąży i porodzie. W niektórych kulturach dawniej, a zdarza się to i dziś, doceniano wysiłek jaki kobieta włożyła w przyjście na świat nowej istoty i po porodzie zapewniano jej szczególną troskę i opiekę przez min. 40 dni.

Birth, even when blissful or complication free, is still a demanding task for the woman's body. She may feel weakened, tired or depleted after the pregnancy and the birth itself. Some cultures cultivate customs which acknowledge and appreciate the effort that the woman made and once the baby has been born, a new mum is looked after, in some places for a minimum of 40 days. Special cleansing and strengthening rituals provide treatments meant to balance both a woman's body and her soul. Having been introduced to this amazing aspect of supporting new mums in regaining their strength - in recharging their batteries and believing in treating them with due respect - I have learnt the ayurvedic art of taking care of women who've just given birth, which has a long history in the Hindu culture.

  • Rasayana - cleansing and strengthening qualities; with natural oils, herb baths; duration about 2 hours; can be introduced 5 days after giving birth, preferably within 10-45 days; initially every day and then every 3 to 4 days.
  • Lehya - special herbal paste based on Ashwagandha – herb rich in iron; increases haemoglobin level in blood; strengthens almost all internal organs.

Blessing Ceremony
for the Mum-To-Be and the Baby

Becoming pregnant is a miracle in itself. Gestation, the development of baby's body in the mother's womb is a continuation of that miracle. It is a very special time, both of great significance and beautiful. Time, which in my opinion, calls for a ceremony that blesses the journey that the Mum-To-Be and The Baby are taking together in order to meet one day. In this particular ceremony you'd be surrounded by the Feminine Energy, created by the presence of other, close to you and important, women. Each ceremony is unique as each woman is unique, adjusted to the Mum's-to-be needs and desires. I recommend having this ceremony between 6th and 8th month, preferably at the Mum's-to-be place, but it's also possible to have it wherever the Mum's-to-be intuition leads her, including outdoors.

Closing Bones Ceremony

A woman's body undergoes many changes and adjustments during the pregnancy and the birth itself. Quite often, women feel 'opened' and vulnerable after giving birth. This particular ceremony helps to transform those aspects of her being, on both spiritual and physical levels, so that Woman becomes Mother.

The ceremony includes a massage and a bath with essential oil or herbs. I conduct this ceremony in the calm environment of your place, minimum 7 days after giving birth (in case of C-section 4 weeks), up to 3 months after, but in some situations it can be done even later. You can invite people that you feel close to, or those who accompanied you in labour.

Dancing for Birth

During pregnancy women quite often withdraw from being physically active not being sure what kind of movement or workout is suitable for them. The same thing happens after giving birth. Even though, the number of pregnancy and baby-friendly fitness clubs is on the increase, most of them are not adjusted to cater for this particular client group. These dancing sessions will give you a chance to allow yourself to move your body while respecting its needs. It will also prepare you both mentally and physically for labour or help you in recovering your fitness having given birth to your lovely baby. In the sessions we'll be combining different dances and styles according to your needs. Previous dancing experience not required.

More information about classes soon.

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