Kasia Slazak was my doula during my first pregnancy. Kasia was dedicated and I could always rely on her. She was very supportive and any time I needed advice or her presence and she never let me down. She was there for me, she was my voice and my heart.

Kasia is a big promoter of natural birth and I really liked the fact that she didn't try to convince me to go any particular way, she was just giving me the options and that's something that made me trust and respect her.

Her knowledge about natural ways of giving birth and many natural solutions for ante- and post-natal problems is priceless.

Kasia has great intuition and great common sense which I found, in this particular field, essential.

Karolina Sowa

When I realised I was pregnant I was thinking about a doula. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have one, but now I'm happy I chose Kasia. She gave me exactly the support I needed. I could discuss everything with her and she provided me with all the important informationI needed for my decisions. She didn't force me to see things the same as she did – I really appreciatedthat. She helped me to believe in myself and do what I wanted, especially when I was forced by hospital staff to do what I didn't want. It's really helpful to have such a support as Kasia provided for me. In my experience, people in hospital were finding only problems, Kasia showed me the positive points and gave me more options in how to solve problems.Thanks to Kasia my pregnancy was more enjoyable and less stressful.

Marketa Sangita

The course helped me build up a bond between me and my son and understand how massaging and the skin to skin contact can create a profound connection for us both.

Kasia is a very warm and approachable person so attending the class with her as a teacher was a real pleasure.

Karolina Sowa

Meetings with Kasia before the birth were extremely important for myself and my husband. Thanks to Kasia we both felt that we were on top of things, and that we could wait with peaceful anticipation for our baby to arrive.

Lucy, Kuba, Stas

Kasia was great in her role as a doula. She helped me to feel relaxed, respecting my intimacy and the natural state that I was in.


I attended Kasia's baby massage course. I was impressed with her knowledge, research and organisation of the course.

The course helped me to learn to bond with my baby who was very small at the time.

I would definitely recommend Kasia's courses to anyone who wants to learn how to soothe their baby and relieve colic. Her professional approach is very impressive.

Kika Sussmann

My baby really benefited from Kasia's massage classes and she gave really useful techniques, which I used as part of his bedtime routine... the massage really helped his sleep. Kasia's lessons were delivered really well and in a relaxed environment.

Sarah Pollen

Kasia's course was a lovely way of connecting with my baby and learning what would comfort and sooth him. Kasia adapted the class to suit tired/grumpy/hungry babies so that mothers did not miss out on learning the routine for when the baby was in better mood.

Rosie Jones